Assholes of the Week for June 6

by jovan1984

The assholes of the week are the entire anti-choice movement, everyone in the mainstream media and all of our politicians in America.

There is no explanation needed as to why the anti-choice movement was named as such.

The mainstream media outlets on both the right and left were named as such because they helped the anti-choice movement in giving the anti-choice movement a platform to spread their misogyny, lies, slander and misinformation for the last 29 years (although the first seven years were with the Fairness Doctrine). I’ll have more on why the mainstream media needs to end this draconian practice of giving equal time to anti-choice activists for abortion-related issues later.

Every state House member, state Senator, state judge, state Supreme Court judge, state Governor, federal judge, the nine Supreme Court judges, the 535 people in the United States Congress, the Cabinet, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the President and the Vice President were nominated because of their total failure to protect women and their OB-GYNs at women’s health clinics from harassment, intimidation and death threats. While they are focused on the slowly dwindling international threat of terrorism, the political leaders all over this nation have blatantly and willfully ignored the rapidly growing threat of domestic terrorism fomented by the anti-choice movement.

NOTE: There will be no best Person of the Week nominations this week. I feel that no one in America deserves such a honor right now.